Our office and company headquarters
In exposed position
In Bad Goisern


In 2005 we took the decisive step and decided to set up our own company base.
The really successful new building has now become our corporate headquarters. We can now receive our customers in a reasonable setting.
The office also has a sleeping place for one person as well as shower and cooking facilities. This is one of our guides.

Outdoor Leadership was founded 20 years ago. The basic idea of ​​our company philosophy as well as our company name was created during a US stay with a guest under the starry sky of the Red Rocks.

From the outset, Rob Hakenberg was involved in setting up the company. Over the years our company has grown steadily, new areas have been added. We know that a company can only grow and survive through a motivated team. Our core team has been with us for years, we are very lucky and appreciate the diversity of talented and motivated employees.

A lot of cool events and projects have been realized together. Guided tours in daily life on the rock, water and snow make the work varied. Continuous training and training of our employees is necessary to ensure that they are always up-to-date with regard to safety, technology, equipment, etc. Each individual employee integrates his / her abilities into the operation in certain areas, which makes the operation so successful.

Own facilities

In 2005, we took the decisive step, a separate company base was built.
Previously, our office was located in our Privathaus, was initially completely sufficient war.
Due to the rapid growth of the company war dies suddenly not enough, we had to react.
The company BRANDL from Bad Ischl planned the office and built it in 5 months.
The really successful new building has now become our corporate headquarters. We can now receive our customers in a reasonable setting.
The office has a sleeping place for one person and shower and cooking facilities. Our guide will gladly help you.

  • Guided tour of the climbing route (Predigtstuhl)
  • My country your country (sermon chair)
  • Natural Ropes Course (Zwerchwand)
  • Rock climbing garden Obertraun

Why Outdoor Leadership

  • We have many years of experience in outdoor events
  • Our professional team guarantees success for your event
  • Leading companies & amp; Companies rely on our know-how
  • International experience in the outdoor area

What our customers say

We have been working with Outdoor Leadership for many years and have always been satisfied.
Erwin, Red Bull
More than 1800 employees have already been able to participate in the safety seminars of Outdoor Leadership and this is very successful.
Andreas Prag, Voest Stahl


A very important component of our company is the storage and maintenance of the entire technical equipment. Right next to the office building, a spacious warehouse was built especially for this purpose several years ago.

An accurate inventory management with appropriate service is indispensable. Each belt, each carabiner, all the equipment has its intended space. This accuracy is necessary in order to ensure the required safety as well as a rational and logistical workflow.

Penile accuracy is indispensable, security is our number one priority.

Maintenance and dismantling of the entire technical equipment is always necessary and is therefore a very important component after the end of the working day.

We also strive to keep abreast of new materials and equipment. Through training and trade fairs as well as the following tests on the ground, we are permanently at the latest international level.

Internal training in rope and safety techniques, leadership techniques, altitude work, first aid, snow training and ski training courses are held every year according to the season.



We have been cooperating successfully with leading outdoor partners for many years.