Especially the Salzkammergut lakes impress with their beautiful location and the distinctive shore sections.
Explore the calm waters and let your mind wander.

Canoes are more comfortable boats, in which one can paddle in pairs or three. They differ essentially from sea kayaks and are very tipping-proof thanks to their broad architectural style. The boats are not lent by us, but are provided exclusively with the assistance of our guides.

The canoe tours include the following:

  • Correct handling and boarding
  • Optimal paddling
  • Behavior during capsizing
  • Watching the weather, tour planning
  • Behavior of the group during the capsizing of a colleague


Canoe half-day:

225incl. VAT
  • Group rate up to 3 people

Canoeing full day:

325incl. VAT
  • Group rate up to 3 people

Canoe (half day) combined with Natural Ropes Course (half day):

325incl. VAT
  • Group rate up to 3 people

Pictures Canoeing