Film Productions

We have been responsible for numerous production (for example, “The Bergretter” for NDF and ZDF) for years on stunts, rigging (all superstructures) and safety.

As a film production team, we often spend over 20 nights on the peaks or several nights in the walls. Often, scene images can also be shot in “our” walls (Zwerchwand or Ewige Wand).

In addition to these activities, we also have extensive experience in camera management in difficult terrain.

Our extensive equipment (vertical crane, film cableway etc.) allows spectacular film shots in the outdoor area.


“The Bergretter”

The third year we are at the NDF production is the crew, which locates the locations for all crashing and climbing scenes on the rock, water and glacier, fuses, the actors doubles and stunts. Above all, it is the preparatory work as well as the logistical concerns, in which our team is correctly demanded.

Complex construction work on platforms, camera platforms, cableways for cameras and stage constructions in rock walls are often difficult to put into reality.

The entire Dachsteinmassiv already served us as a shooting location. Many scenes were also filmed in Bad Goisern in the Zwerchwand, Ewigen Wand and the Predigtstuhl.


The north walls of the Alps

Probably the largest film project on the largest north faces of the Alps.

1. Eiger north wall
2. Grandes Jorasses
3. Badile
4. Matterhorn north wall
5. Dru
6. Middle Trenches

A film of 50 minutes per wall is produced, a different story from each wall. No dramatic stories are at the heart of these film adaptations, but modern alpinism and the motivation to do so. The most difficult route of the Eiger is climbed free by Roger Schäli and Robert Jasper. The Grandes Jourasses is about the fall of Robert Steiner in the Colton McIntire. At Piz Badile around the Cassin route, Hansjörgauer climbs (with reenactments by Hermann Buhl). In the Dru the classic route of Andi Parkin and Steve House is climbed. Cathrine Destivelle climbs in the Matterhorn north face and Huber Alex climbs in the creneline north face.

Book: Tom Dauer
Production: Servus TV
Camera wall: Günter Göberl, Heli Putz, Hinterbrandner Franz
Cameras: Sepi Dabringer, Heli Summer
Sound: Axel Traun
Mining / Rigging / Safety: Outdoor Leadership


Tibet first ascents

In January, 9 Sherpas from Tibet and China visited us. It was the most powerful Sherpa group, working every day at Everest as a load carrier and fixing ropes to the summit of the highest mountain on Earth. Each of them has been to Mount Everest several times. Thomas Bubendorfer made the contact to get a two-year project with them.
1st part: January 2011

2 weeks Ice climbing training: Günter Göberl and Heli Putz accompanied the group as a Cameraman into the Maltatal and the icefalls around the Rudolfshütte. Already during the first trip very good film material was created.
2nd part: September 2011

4 weeks of Tibet
Günter and Heli accompany the group under the direction of Thomas Bubendorfer to Tibet.
2 still unbestiegene, climbing technically very difficult 6000er were the goal of the expedition.

This was for me (Heli Putz) a unique opportunity to make a first ascent, still as a Kameramann. This has been successfully achieved.
3rd part: Mont Blanc massif February 2012

10 days was climbed from Courmayeur in the Mont Blanc massif, mountains ascended and trained. Günter Göberl and Heli Putz watched every detail with their cameras.
4th part: A previously unrestricted 7000-er

Once again it went to Tibet in another valley, more difficult 6000er erstzubesteigen, 7000-er were not feasible due to the difficult weather conditions.

Pictures of film productions with outdoor leadership