School Sports Ski School

Small-Group courses for beginners or advanced skiers – Our ski school offers ski / snowboard classes for all levels of skill

Ski school prices 2019/20

Half day courses:

1 half day

55incl. VAT

2 half days

110incl. VAT

3 half days

154incl. VAT

4 half days

176incl. VAT

5th half day


Full-day courses:

1 day

76incl. VAT

2 days

152incl. VAT

3 days

195incl. VAT

4 days

215incl. VAT

5th day

Lunch service for an extra charge of € 5.- per day

Family Teachers:

Personal care for families up to 6 persons.

Course times: 9:30 – 12:00, 13:00 – 15:30

half day

220incl. VAT

Full day

299incl. VAT

Private lessons:

1 hour for 1 person

78incl. VAT

2 hours for 1 person

151incl. VAT

4 hours for 1 person

250incl. VAT

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