Services & Facilities

Outdoor Leadership equips the whole film set with all necessary equipment, organizes the entire delivery, the set-up and dismantling, supervises the film crew during the shoot and builds everything off again.

The organization includes, for example: tents, toilets, catering, barriers, seating, containers …

How the whole equipment gets to the film set is often not easy, it often requires off-road vehicles, skidoos, downhill or helicopters.

SFX: For the alpine terrain special machines are necessary, the classic SFX tool does not work. So we have specially modified these devices for alpine landscapes, such as windmills, fog machines, heating systems …

Vertical crane

Vertical Filmcran
The only cableway on which a Cameraman can ride. Mainly for work in vertical position.

This vertical crane works at a working height of 10 to 500 meters and can be used in any vertical terrain on any building.
Optimal assignments have hitherto been used for shooting films for climbing film productions, BASE jumps and as lifts for athletes and Kameracrews.
The Vertical Filmcran can also be used optimally when working on facades and rocks.

Camera crane platform

Stands for camera cranes

The platform developed by us can be used anywhere – on buildings or rocks, in flat, vertical or overhanging terrain.
The construction is relatively easy. All small parts can be worn easily and can therefore be transported anywhere. On site the assembly is quickly completed.
Space offer: Camerakran up to 8 m + 3 persons.

Movie cableway

Movable images in any terrain, in any position

The ropeway developed by us runs on 2 steel ropes, which allows a very quiet camera operation. This achieves a maximum span of up to 1000 m and any angle can be driven.

In contrast to other common camera cables, this system is very quickly installed and dismantled in every terrain.
The outstanding feature, however, is that a man can ride along and use the camera from a completely different perspective. This implies a tremendous reduction in the number of filmproductions (Kamerapositionen bestimmen…).

Pictures Film cableway

Film and photo podest

Pedestals for Tripods – Camera personal – Camera crane – Photographers

The tripod platforms allow a very quick, simple setup. In a few minutes at the request of the director a no platform, wherever desired, is mounted. Whether on rock walls, buildings or trees – it can be used flexibly everywhere. The platforms we manufacture are available in 4 sizes and 3 shapes, depending on the use of the camera and tripod type. Above all, the trapezoidal shape allows the camera man a very large working angle and radius of action.

Pictures of the film and photo podest