Stunts, Riggs, Safety

With rigging, double action and special Cameroon positions we have been able to build up a solid stand in almost 30 years. For many years, we have been supporting Red Bull Sport and Extremsport Productions, ORF for Nature and Adventure Productions, Red Bull Mediahouse for Cinema Productions, NDF, ZDF since the beginning of the series “Bergwacht / Bergretter” and many others.

As a filmproduction team, we spend many days and even nights at the battlefields, in a wall, on the mountain, in deserts, where we provide logistic and implementation. Sometimes, however, scenes can also be shot in “our” walls, mountains and lakes. We have created locations where almost as much as possible.

Our extensive equipment (vertical crane, film cableway, etc.) allows spectacular film shots in the outdoor area.

It is true that the use of drones has become superfluous in the past few years, but with the use of large cameras or difficult external conditions, the use of our means remains unavoidable.

Pictures Stunts, Riggs, Safety