Each individual employee integrates his / her abilities into the company in certain areas, which makes outdoor leadership so successful.

Heli Putz
Heli PutzManaging Director & amp; founder
Heli is an instructor for state-run mountain and ski guides. Alpine skiing instructor for state ski instructors, international instructor for the canyoning guide. Parachute and air tickets. Expeditions to diverse 8000s, extreme climbing tours in Alaska, Africa, Australia, Argentina, Chile, USA, Canada, Patagonia, Ecuador, Maui, Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan, Mexico, Venezuela, Europe.

mobil: +43 664 34 41 486

Anja Putz
Anja PutzOffice, Customer Contact & event organization
Anja is the most important person of outdoor leadership. It is responsible for the areas of offers, advertising and customer contact. Anja has climbed extremely difficult climbing routes worldwide. A one-day excursion of a climbing route at El Capitan. Sports activities and expeditions in: USA, Mexico, Hawaii, Indonesia, Australia, South America

phone: +43 664 231 48 24

Rob Hakenberg
Rob HakenbergLeadguide, State certified ski instructor, Canyoningguide
Rob has been active as leadguide since the beginning of 1999, he is now the right hand of Heli Putz and always takes over the management of the company when Heli Putz is not present. He is a training guide for canyoning guides, coaches for all outdoor seminars as well as project managers for many major sports events. He is an absolute professional with passionate commitment in all disciplines.

Dominik Dier
Dominik DierSki guide, canyoning guide, cross-country instructor
Nik comes from the extreme sports area, he has been an athlete for many years in the national team for Nordic Combined. Since 2014 he belongs to our team
And has all the training and qualifications. Nik has an enormous athletic ambition and he is a gifted ski instructor. He likes to be used as a canyoning guide in summer or to climb with guests. He is a great addition to our team!
Sebastian Wiesauer
Sebastian WiesauerState qualified ski instructor and ski guide, Canyoning guide
Sebastian is our chief ski instructor, organizing the entire ski school with great dedication. His absolute passion is skiing, his professionalism and experience in all these years makes him an excellent ski instructor and ski instructor. Working with children makes him great fun both summer and winter, he is able to motivate children and teenagers! Our guests love their quiet, thoughtful style.
Christoph Sonnleitner
Christoph SonnleitnerCountry ski instructor, Canyoning-Guide
Christoph is a world traveler, he has been riding alone with a bicycle through Australia at the age of 18 for one year. After his return in 2012, he began working with us and completed the canyoning training as well as the training as a national ski instructor in the team of Outdoor Leadership. His calm, balanced and joyful style characterizes him!
Manuel Widmann
Manuel WidmannCanyoningguide, Ski Guide
Manuel has been part of our team for many years. As the youngest member of his team, he completed training as a canyoning guide at Outdoor Leadership. In the winter he is active as an agricultural instructor with alpine courses. Private is his absolute passion the downhill mountain biking, where he is super talented and successful.
Klaus Kain
Klaus KainState certified ski instructor
Klaus has been an important part of our team for many years. As a passionate skier, he leads our guests off the slopes. He has a long standing experience as a professional skiguide. Together with his wife Daniela, he took over the section management of the ASKÖ Dachstein West Bad Goisern in 2016.
Daniela Kain
Daniela KainCountry ski instructor
Daniela, like her husband Klaus, is a professional and enthusiastic skier. She is a ski instructor from passion and working with children makes her a huge fun. Their positive, funny and always motivated nature inspires not only the entire outdoor leadership team but also the participants of our courses!