We want to set a new record for the most important ski history company in the Alps. A team of 7 athletes will again try to follow the same route, conquer the same peaks and beat the historic record of 41 days. A team of at least 4 participants must reach Nice.

There will always be a live coverage in the blog with photos and videos and comments and reports from the athletes on the way.

Will it be easier and faster with new equipment, techniques and methods of today’s athletes? Or is the human factor still crucial? Modern equipment, new techniques and today’s knowledge, can it hinder or be an advantage? How did we develop in the 48 years as a ski mountaineer? How have the Alps, the glaciers, the valleys, the huts changed over time?

In the 40 days of the record attempt we will learn what is really possible.

It is primarily about the sporting aspects, however, the Alps change in these almost 50 years will increasingly inevitably play a part of it.