RedBullDerlangeWeg Day 17


Red Bull | Der lange Weg: 02.04.2018 - 17th Day  - Livignio The Team "Red Bull der Lange Weg" is at the 17th Day on the way from Trafoi to Livignio. Videos | Outdoor Leadership #redbullderlangew [...]

RedBullDerlangeWeg Day 172018-04-02T13:02:33+02:00

RedBullDerlangeWeg Day 16


Red Bull | Der lange Weg: 01.04.2018 - 16th Day  - Trafoi The team "Red Bull de lange Weg" has left on the 16th day from Latsch to Trafoi for the next stage of the day. Videos | Outdoor Leadershi [...]

RedBullDerlangeWeg Day 162018-04-02T12:57:30+02:00

RedBullDerlangeWeg day 14


Red Bull | Der lange Weg: 30.03.2018 - 14th day   - Maiern - Stop - avalanche risk! The team "Red Bull der lange Weg" #redbullderlangeweg left on the 14th day in Maiern, but has for the time being c [...]

RedBullDerlangeWeg day 142018-03-30T16:17:46+02:00

RedBullDerlangeWeg Day 9


Red Bull | Der lange Weg: 25.03.2018 - Day 9  - Heiligenblut The team "Red Bull Der lange Weg" -  the 9th day on the way to Heiligenblut. Video soaking up the sun on Hoher Sonnblick https://ww [...]

RedBullDerlangeWeg Day 92018-03-25T17:11:20+02:00
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