In our teamwork seminars, our teamwork seminars focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the individual team members and to make use of them.

In our “outdoor seminars”, you will be able to experience teamwork, for example in the form of team roles, to recognize clear leadership skills even in dealing with personal limits in order to act optimally.
We design the individual outdoor experiences flexibly according to the topics and tasks of your company.
A thorough reflection also enables the transfer of the experience into everyday life.

Our seminars with exercises in nature are possible in all seasons.
The seminar is held at 60% outdoor.

Coach: Heli Putz / Rob Hakenberg
For: companies, teams or as an open seminar


The Leadership seminar is one of our top seminars and has been a great success for many years.
This lecture was developed and developed together with Marianne Grobner’s “Leadership Course”.
This is about joint action and clear communication.
This seminar speaks about every task that has to do with leadership tasks. The exchange as well as the actions we make available to you are the basis. Important is the interplay of requests, but also the clear expectation of the participants in themselves as well as the team member or coworker.
It is about clear values and how I can make it so synonymous success.

Trainer: Heli Putz
For: companies, teams, open seminar

team development

This is about recognizing and using skills in the team, based on trust, trust and confidence.

No environment other than nature itself makes it possible to show clearly how easy it is often to achieve seemingly difficult goals. The handling of criticism, praise and recognition will be an interplay of all the tasks and examples that are experienced here.
Experience how exciting it is to work together on problems, to make suggestions and to process them correctly. “We tear down trees!” Does not have to remain a saying. You will be amazed how “simple” this can be.
The key to this is all too often clear and valuable communication among each other.
Work is largely done in our “outdoor seminar rooms”. The theoretical foundations and methodologies will be developed at the beginning of the seminar in the seminar room.

Coach: Heli Putz / Rob Hakenberg
For: companies, teams, open seminar


Communication to the outside, in the team, with customers or your own partner. It is amazing how much more fun the everyday life and the work makes when this is true. Misunderstandings and doubts hinder and slow down all too often in decisions, make slowly and are a reason not to do the next step.

With strengthened self-esteem and trust in oneself, even better communication is achieved. Supported with some rules, clear communication becomes an integral part. This is the success recipe and the basis for leading teams as well as working in the team.

The complexity of the communication is demonstrated by a series of exercises, some of which are very large. It is not just about “having said it”, but also about “to have understood”.

During this seminar, we will switch between our seminar room and the learning field Nature.
The exercises are held on the water, in the wall and in the forest. Especially in this environment an exact and detailed information is necessary. Misunderstandings lead to complications and unnecessary trouble.
Do not worry, it’s about actions away from any risk.

Coach: Heli Putz
For: open seminar

Courage and fear

Finding your own limits and growing beyond it requires great courage and is often associated with fear.
This constant interplay, as well as the choices we make, determine daily our lives.
We offer the unique opportunity to break your own boundaries and to tackle projects for which all courage has to be raised.
The fear of new unknown paths is in each of us. This is the topic of “decision” and “change”. Often we just lack a little courage to take a new path.
Border situations from the everyday business of everyday life find a counterpart in our seminar, which takes place largely in the open.
Will you then take all your courage and go through it? We will give you the opportunity to see what you have never before thought you will ever do.
Unfortunately, anxiety is very negatively occupied, often we are ashamed to show fear, while this “alarm sign” of the body (and mind) keeps us alive. We can use fear to arouse special, so far not uncovered abilities and to use them effectively.
Fear is no reason to refuse. We will show you how to deal with anxiety as a signal to concentrate better or to make targeted preparations.

Coach: Heli Putz
Location: Bad Goisern
For: open seminar

Event / Seminar

There are no incentives for us. We are also looking for a challenge in the event of events. Whether it is a specific topic, an occasion, a new goal – when it comes to the individual person, we are there. This is fun and we see a challenge in developing people.
And work in the team “may” be fun. Through our methods and possibilities your event becomes a special seminar.
In the team you experience unimagined abilities of each individual, motivation is achieved through fun and thereby unbelievable goals are reached.
Whether winter or summer, in the outdoor area is – as in your company – always season. The reflections on professional life are short and concise, but not as “flip chart-heavy” as in a classical seminar.
Design an unusual outdoor seminar with an unforgettable experience.

Coach: Heli Putz / Rob Hakenberg
Location: Bad Goisern
For: Companies, Teams, Communities


Where can leadership be seen more clearly than in difficult situations where employees need support or even reach their limits?
The natural environment at the lake, at the mountain or in the forest offers a fantastic learning field. Nowhere else will it become clear which kind of leadership can trigger certain things, or when they begin to talk and begin to persuade.
“I would have never thought I could do it,” a statement like this is a proof of a successful leadership.
Experienced experiences and situations are repeatedly brought into the professional context and thus a well-founded transfer can be established.
Leadership, however, also means making clear decisions, taking action and creating a workplace that reaches the maximum with the satisfaction of the employees.

Coach: Heli Putz / Rob Hakenberg
Location: Bad Goisern
For: Companies, Teams, Communities

Security by Andi Prag

The capital of each company is its own employees. If a risk is in the work process, the employee can not be the best. It is limited and limited in its flow of work. This can be compared with the extreme sport, only when the risk is minimized can a further step forward. An extreme sportsman, who did not try everything to minimize the residual risk would not grow old. At the workplace it is possible to optimize a lot, it depends on the perception and consequently in the implementation something to change.

In this seminar, a risk management is carried out on the basis of previously agreed upon difficult targets in order to ensure a certain success.