Security Management

For extreme film productions and sporting events, we can look back on an accident-free past worldwide.
We have been able to gather our 30 years of experience around the world and meet the needs of the respective authorities
Further develop and adapt. The “growing up” of our company together with Red Bull events has taught us in the jungle of the bureaucracy patience, but also shown that almost everything is possible and feasible.
We understand the needs of athletes, the requirements of the medial side, the need of spectators.
Here, we plan the access, the parking areas, the logistics and ensure up to implementation for a smooth process.
The essential must be as invisible as possible; Access to rescue and emergency vehicles, escape routes and the
Worst case scenarios at terror.

Here are some examples:

Felix Baumgartner, many BASE jumps with filmproduction, e.g. In Croatia, Oman, Northland
Red Bull Playstreets, Bad Gastein, 7x, up to 16000 spectators
Red Bull White Rush, Crib Stone, 5x, Alpine Extreme
Red Bull Shape the Nature, avalanches, safety for athletes
Red Bull Speedride, St.Anton, Helicopter, Aircraft, Nature Conservation Area, National Border
Red Bull X-Alps, 2x, Salzburg to Monaco, permits in all Alpine countries.
Red Bull Hüttenrallye, 2x, St.Anton a.A., ski lifts, slopes, spectators, TV production on the line
Production as production manager; In Patagonia, Venezuela, California, Alaska, Canada, Africa, Mexico; Permits, logistic, safety
Red Bull Cliff Dives; 8x, 6 countries, nature reserves, WorldHeritage,

Pictures Security Management